Ingrid Madrigal

Hi, I'm Ingrid. Thanks for stopping by! I'm a software developer driven by a passion for learning and using technology to create innovative solutions.When I'm not coding, you can find me reading, snacking, or spoiling my dog with too many treats.Check out some of my projects below!

Pieces Candy Co.

An online candy shop made with ASP.Net MVC Framework. Backed by SQL Server, the web application allows for easy navigation, secure user accounts, and hassle-free shopping.

DevEx Tools

DevEx Tools is a comprehensive suite designed to optimize the workflow of front-end developers, featuring seven unique utilities aimed at enhancing productivity and creativity.

Best Buy MVC

An ASP.NET Core MVC app using CRUD functionality and a MySQL database.

Taco Parser

A C# application designed to parse a CSV file containing Taco Bell locations. The application calculates the distance between the stores and identifies the stores furthest apart.